In 2008, director of JUR KLEE company Boris Pashayev, working in the one of Kyiv translation agencies, was interested in creating a mechanism in which the translation company would not only be technically good at translating documents but operate as a single organism for a timely and high-quality result. After studying the whole process, in 2011 he founded JUR KLEE where he has gathered a well-coordinated team of professionals, who always strive to grow and improve their skills.

Nowadays, JUR KLEE is a translation company with a large supply of energy and desire gets only better. Over the years, the team of the translation agency JUR KLEE has made thousands orders in various areas: from industry to medicine and pharmaceuticals. We have a developed partner network and regular customers not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. They turn to us not to worry about the result, as JUR KLEE regularly optimizes the management and quality control system using modern methods and international experience.

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