Primarily, the cost of text documents translation depends on the target language and the volume of the document, namely, on the number of printed characters with spaces. Also, the cost may increase depending on the subject of translation, urgency of the order and complexity of layout. The price for translation editing by the certified specialist or the native speaker can be added to the order cost.

One translation page is equal to 1800 printed characters with spaces. The standard page A4 in the fourteenth font with a one-and-a-half interval contains approximately such number of characters.

So, the final calculation of the order cost is as follows: the number of characters is multiplied by the rate for the language from which or into which the document shall be translated, and then, if necessary, by the thematic coefficient, coefficient of urgency, layout complexity and editing.

You can always get a full calculation of the cost by sending us the request by email, skype, or chat on the site, adding the document for translation in electronic format, as well as provide the paper order form to the office, or order the courier to your address.

Coefficient of subject complexity

Coefficient of subject complexity is from 1.5 to 2.5, and it is used if the translator needs to use special knowledge, proficiency in profile terminology, as well as, if necessary, compilation of term glossary. In particular, these are financial and banking topics, jurisprudence, technical documentation, medicine, pharmaceuticals, construction and other areas.

Coefficient of urgency

It ranges from 1.5 to 2.5, and is added to the order cost, depending on the volume of translation required and according to the number of days that make up the total term of execution, according to the ordered terms of execution. It is imposed on the cost of the order, the volume of which exceeds 5 pages and requires immediate execution, in particular:

  • if the number of pages is from 5 to 8, the coefficient is 1.5
  • if the number of pages is from 8 to 10, the coefficient is 1.75
  • if the number of pages is more than 10, the coefficient is 2-2.5

Coefficient of layout complexity

It is formed depending on the presence of the following elements on the page (non-drift selections, tables, formulas, illustrations with caption, etc.).

Simple solid text with little presence of additional elements (tables, graphic elements) - the coefficient is 1.5
Text with tables, formulas, illustrations with caption, which is up to 40% of the page - the coefficient is 2.0
Text with tables, formulas, illustrations with caption, which makes up the most part of the page - the coefficient is 2.5


The amount of additional payment for additional editing / proofreading depends on complexity of the original text, as well as on the need to attract specialized editors to work on the text.

The cost of the editor's work, i.e. professional proofreading of the translated material, is 50% of the translation cost additionally. If editing by a native speaker is required, the additional cost is 50% or more, depending on the language and professional field.

Basic rates for one translation page (1800 characters with spaces) of written translation

Language Translation from a foreign language Translation into a foreign language
English 150 150
Azerbaijani 250 250
Albanian 470 470
Arabic 360 360
Armenian 300 300
Belarusian 235 235
Bulgarian 245 245
Hungarian 290 290
Vietnamese 460 460
Netherlandish 340 340
Greek 240 240
Georgian 330 330
Danish 510 510
Hebrew 340 340
Spanish 195 195
Italian 195 195
Kazakh 400 400
Kyrgyz 450 450
Chinese 415 415
Korean 405 405
Latvian 400 400
Lithuanian 270 270
Macedonian 500 500
Mongolian 520 520
German 180 180
Norwegian 510 510
Polish 170 170
Portuguese 215 215
Romanian 260 260
Russian 130 130
Serbian 310 310
Slovak 330 330
Slovenian 320 320
Tajik 480 480
Thai 460 460
Turkish 170 170
Turkmen 500 500
Uzbek 430 430
Ukrainian 135 135
Finnish 450 450
French 205 205
Croatian 310 310
Czech 220 220
Swedish 520 520
Estonian 390 390
Japanese 430 430
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