Translation fields

Our clients trust us to translate corporate documentation in dozens of different areas: pharmaceuticals and industry, FMCG segment and finance, legal translation of documents and much more.

In order to use terms, specialized vocabulary,abbreviations and many other nuances correctly, and to preserve the original content of the document, we:

  • provide several stages of translation checks by experienced proofreaders and the editor;
  • compose glossaries with special terminology and approve them from the customer in order to accurately identify the specifics of the customer's corporate documentation;
  • use modern technologies for convenient and orderly work to ensure the effective work of a big team in large-scale projects.

Our clients represent the leading areas of modern business: information technology and software, law and business consulting, pharmaceuticals and medicine, the FMCG segment and much more. Monthly we translate hundreds of legal, technical, economic contracts, instructions and other types of documents.

One of the most difficult areas is the translation of technical documentation. The translators of our bureau have a narrow specialization, which allows them to understand the issue of technical translation, to understand the content, to preserve the meaning, and to pay special attention to the accuracy and consistency of the terminology. For this purpose, according to the specifics of the client documentation terminology we compile special glossaries, moreover there are couple of stages of verification by specialized proofreaders and the editor.

There is some specificity in the translation of legal documents (Ukraine and the EU legislations, memorandums, legal acts of an individual nature). In this kind of translation is very important not only to keep the form of the document, which is often is provided for by legislation, but also to convey the subtleties of the legal school of the country from whose language the legal documents are translated.

Often legal translation of a document can be accompanied by the need of it notarization. First, notarized translation of documents is carried out by an interpreter who has confirmation of his/her signs. After that, he/she sign it to proof of the correctness of the translation. The subsequent role of the notary is determined by Part 2 of Article 79 Law of Ukraine "About notariate", namely: on the basis of necessary documents, a notary may confirm the qualification of an interpreter and the authenticity of his signature delivered in his presence on the translated document.

Also we provide translation of financial documents for our clients, which is especially important for companies that work in the international market. Our specialists are engaged in the translation of financial documents and within the framework of long-term cooperation with commercial and state banks. One of which is the National Bank of Ukraine, whose documentation has more complex specifics and requires special attention from translators.

Of course, you have the opportunity to order urgent translation of documents from any field and it will be executed in the required time and, if necessary, will be duly certified.

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