What you need to know about cheap and expensive translation

The cost of translation services in different translation agencies often vary, even when it comes to a similar language combination.

It should be understood that expensive and cheap translations always differ in terms of quality, accuracy of the text, design of the work, ease of perception of the final material. Everything is exactly the same as in the case of any other professional activity or product. There will always be reasons why one service or product is cheaper and others are more expensive. If a linguistic company or a freelance translator offers their services at low prices, you do not need to mindlessly agree to this kind of offer, but think about the question why such a throwaway cost of goods, services. In most cases, this means that such a translation agency hires less experienced specialists, possibly without higher education, who are willing to work at lower rates for translations. In the case of an independent linguist, it very rarely happens that such a performer will be sufficiently qualified, experienced, like his colleague employed in the same field, working at higher rates.

Thus, if the cost of a translation agency or an independent freelance translator is high enough, what do clients have to pay over?

Contractors providing high-quality translation services, for a number of objective reasons, are forced to periodically raise prices for their services, namely in view of the following circumstances:

  • clients need specialized or highly specialized translations;
  • professional, highly complex layout of the final content was ordered (when the original text was provided in an uneditable format – PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIFF and others);
  • the translation requires proofreading and/or editing (by a native speaker of a foreign language or a specialized specialist);
  • minimum deadlines for order fulfillment exceeding the standard ones have been established.

When the customer learns about the rates of the bureau or an independent translator, before placing an order, it is recommended to clarify which services are included by the company or freelancer in the final cost of translation. After all, as in any other sphere of rendering services or when selling goods, the customer, the buyer has the right to know what he is paying his money for. And after receiving full information, we can say that a person, having given preference to a particular company or a freelancer, made an informed choice.

An advantageous offer

Do you need a high-quality translation at a reasonable cost? Are you looking for a responsible bureau in Ukraine that guarantees the accuracy of the translation, the literacy of its design, the performance of work exactly on time? Contact Kyiv Company Jur Klee.

The benefits obtained in cooperation

By placing an order with us, customers can claim a number of advantages:

  • scrupulously executed translation into most languages of the world (large staff, 45 foreign languages);
  • verbatim consecutive interpretation from native speakers and linguists with foreign practice;
  • if necessary, order a notarized translation;
  • proofreading, layout, thematic editing of foreign content;
  • identity of the translated material design provided by the original customer;
  • affordable prices.

Jur Klee is a symbiosis of an ideal combination of experience, competence of the bureau's employees, their long-term practice, advanced technologies, the company's desire to help all clients who have applied for services, a full range of work regarding the legalization of documents, fast delivery of translated, notarized papers in all regions of Ukraine and abroad.

We guarantee that by contacting us, you will be satisfied with the result of cooperation, the speed of work, and the professionalism of the translator.

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