Medical translation

Medical translation is an actively developing direction of translation activity, which includes the translation of personal medical documents (medical history, certificates) and work with scientific educational and working texts, and documentation for doing business in this field.

When may a medical translation (Kyiv) be needed?

  • In case of traveling abroad for medical consultations, treatment, rehabilitation;
  • Purchase of foreign equipment or preparations;
  • Licensing of medical products;
  • Participation in thematic scientific conferences, symposia, meetings and much more.

Features of work of Medical Translation Bureau:

  1. First of all, this is documents format. Very often clients provide documents written by hand in "medical handwriting", which makes it difficult to parse the text.
  2. It is important to have free professional translators who also have special knowledge in medicine to navigate in complex terminology, because mistakes in the sphere that is related to the life and health of a person are unforgivable.
  3. Work with Latin and abbreviations in the names of substances, plants, microorganisms, diseases and parts of human’s body and organs.

Also, if you are doing business in this area, we advise you to familiarize yourself financial translation.

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Bogomolets National Medical University
Bogomolets National Medical University expresses his gratitude to the Translation Bureau «JUR KLEE» for the professional assistance in the medical translations, as well as graphic design of the orders...

In recent years, translation of medical documents is gaining special popularity. In practice, such transfers can be divided into three groups:

1. The first is the medical translation of documentation, for consultations with foreign doctors, for treatment or for rehabilitation abroad (so-called “medical tourism”). Registration of relevant documentation requires the translation of all papers into the language of the country that the person plans to visit. Most often, the package of documents includes:

  • patient’s charts;
  • prior treatment, prescribing;
  • results of analyzes, certificates on the passage of various procedures and examinations;
  • the treating doctors’ decisions, medical commissions.

Among Ukrainian citizens for the treatment and consultation with foreign doctors are Popular such countries as: The Federal Republic of Germany, the Republic of Korea and the State of Israel.

2. The second group is the translation of medical texts, which are contained in instructions to drugs, special equipment, business correspondence on such topics, in general - everything that can be connected with business and corporate documentation in this area. Aa well as the texts of presentations of new drugs, developments and services, publicistic and news articles (if you need to be aware of medicine world news).

3. The translation of medical articles is a demanded service as well. This group, which is distinguished by the special scientific nature of the text, requires from an interpreter high professionalism and profound knowledge in the medical field or in pharmacology. Our office provides translation assistance in such fields as:

  • scientific articles, abstracts for conferences, congresses;
  • scientific works, diplomas;
  • presentation materials for such works.

Despite the difficulties typical for medical translations (the lack of competent specialists, the use of Latin, often documents written in illegible "doctor's handwriting"), our company always provides a qualitative result.

The price for medical translations will surely please you, as well as the speed of the order execution!

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