Written translation

Written translation is one of the most demanded and voluminous directions of translation, which covers many different services provided by our translation bureau. Also, we may translate documents  for tenders.

We translate documents in various fields

  • personal documents;
  • documentation on the establishment of legal entity (statutes, minutes of meetings, etc.);
  • financial and accounting statements;
  • technical documentation (description of products, software, technological processes);
  • agreements, deals, local regulations and acts of an individual mature.

    You may order a translation from English to Russian, as well as from/to any languages. We not only quickly translate documents and texts, but also arrange the translated documentation in accordance with the original, we use linguistic techniques and methods in accordance with international standards of translation as well as customer requirements. Of course, we also take into account the specifics of the scope of documentation, for example, when we are ordered a written technical translation

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    We position ourselves, as a translation agency, because we are constantly dealing with orders for the translation of documents in various fields.

    This kind of translation requires specialist focus and attention to detail, the ability to adhere to a single and inherent style of the document during translation, especially if the text contains specific vocabulary or concerns the narrow profile of the company work.

    What problems can you face in case of poor-quality translation of the text?

    • The first thing you need to pay attention to is the correctness of writing your own names (other than the full name of people, it can be the names of countries, cities, any other geographical objects, and the name of the counterparty companies if it is a translation, for example, of a contract). Irresponsible translators can use "tracing" from Russian or Ukrainian names, incorrect use of transcription of untranslatable words;
    • Variability of terminology - especially for written technical translation, where the use of synonyms for designating the same mechanism, process or product of production is inappropriate and leads to a misunderstanding of key points;
    • Misuse of synonyms - of course, every language is rich in synonymous series of different words; however, for example, when translating from English into Russian, the translator must be very careful about the use of synonyms and first consider all possible ways of understanding such words in combination with others;
    • The opposite to the previous problem is the verbatim translation of the text in another language without smoothing the differences in the language constructs, and adapting the text to the reader.

    Written translation (Kyiv) in our bureau is carried out by experienced translators who have a certain specialization in various fields of translation, and pay special attention to nuances in order to avoid the problems, mentioned above. Whether it's English translation or any other, we guarantee that our translators and editors have the appropriate skills to work with the necessary languages.

    We provide such a service as urgent translation, the prices for which will be slightly different, however you are guaranteed to receive the necessary documents on time or even earlier. When ordering delivery of finished order, the cost of translation does not change, but you will need to pay for delivery at the rates of the chosen courier service.

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