Interpretation is a demanded direction of translation activity during live (or voice) communication between people who speak different languages.

Interpreter services may be needed if:

  • important negotiations with foreign counterparts are coming;
  • there is a need to present the service or product to foreign customers / investors;
  • for installation, launching or repair of equipment that is serviced by foreign consultants;
  • a business trip or registration of documents abroad is planned.

Specialists who provide interpretation services in our office:

  • have a rich working experience of consecutive or simultaneous translations;
  • specialize in translations in various fields (economics, industry, law, pharmaceuticals, etc.);
  • in advance prepare for the forthcoming work if the customer provides materials, relevant to the subject of the event;
  • they know and follow the rules of business etiquette when holding various business meetings, - lunch, - dinner or other events;
  • always pay attention to the feature of culture, the social status of the future speaker, in order to better understand the mood, the shades of speech and correctly translate them during the interpretation.

In addition to this field of translation, we can also make a complete translation of your web sites.

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Interpretation is considered to be one of the most complex areas of translation activity and requires not only a high level of language knowledge, but also specific skills for the instant translation of the heard speech, which are developed only in the course of practice. The complexity of this translation is in the need to simultaneously process and translate the speaker's speech without the possibility to think over, choose more successful variants of word combinations, turn to dictionaries or other specialized literature.

In practice, there are two main types of interpretation:

  • The first is oral consecutive interpretation. The person whose speech will be translated is warned about this beforehand, so that he pauses after the logically completed small segments of speech, during which the translator can pronounce the translation of what has been said.
  • The second is simultaneous interpretation. It is used more often when the speaker does not have to frequently address the public, his speech has a holistic, and even prepared, character. Simultaneous interpretation is also required if the listeners speak different languages, which means that everyone needs a separate translation.

Sometimes the third type is also mentioned - oral translation from a sheet, which differs from a written one in that the customer does not need an accurate documented translation of the text, but only the general meaning and key points need to be understood.

If you need to provide interpretation for any official, business or other event (Kyiv), our translation agency will select a competent specialist with whom you can communicate in advance, discuss the key points of the upcoming event. We will also do our best to find an interpreter, if there is an urgent need in case of unforeseen telephone conversation, business lunch, etc. with foreign business partners.

In our agency you can order an interpreting from English, German, French and many other languages. The cost of interpretation should be clarified with our managers, since it will depend on the urgency, complexity and duration of the provided services.

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