Notarized translation: what is it and for what documents is it used?

Notarized translation is an important component of the activities aimed at legalization of documents in another country. The expansion of international relations, work, study, treatment of citizens abroad, their moving to permanent residence in other countries - this is not a complete list of situations in which legal entities and individuals may urgently need a notarized translation of certain documents. 

A notarized translation is understood to mean any kind of translation performed by a qualified translator with the authority to do this, that is followed by certification of the linguist's signature by a notary.

Two specialists are involved in the preparation of a notarized translation. They are translator and notary. According to the legislation of Ukraine notary certifies the authenticity of the signature of the person who performed the translation, in his personal presence, but does not confirm the correctness of the translation of the original document. Correct transmission of the meaning of the document is the sole responsibility of the translator.

Documents for which a notarized translation is required

All documents that require a notarized translation are divided into two main groups, each of which includes the following subgroups:

Documents of individuals, including:

  • documents that certify the identity of citizens (ordinary passports, military IDs, driving licenses, pension certificates);
  • documents that confirm the availability of education (including: certificates, diplomas, supplements to them, certificates, grade books, archival information, etc.);
  • documents issued by the notary (statements on marital status, extracts from civil status acts, powers of attorney, permissions to adopt a child, child travel consent, etc.);
  • documents received from the judiciary;
  • documents issued by the Internal Affairs Authorities;
  • civil contracts;
  • certificates (birth, marriage, divorce certificates, etc.);
  • labor documents (employment records, contracts, powers of attorney, certificates of employment, salary certificates, etc.);
  • bank documents (certificates of existing accounts, statements of cash flows, certificates of account status, etc.).

Documents of legal entities, including:

  • charter documents (Statutes, decisions, articles of incorporation, certificates from tax agency, statistical authorities, protocols, discharges from EDRPOU);
  • licenses;
  • records;
  • certificates;
  • financial statements;
  • powers of attorney;
  • international contracts, treaties, agreements, etc.

Translation of passports

Among the most popular documents for notarial translation is a passport. Notarized translation of the passport is the translation of all pages of the passport containing information about the person and the subsequent certification of the linguist's signature on the translation. At the same time, the accuracy of the information contained in the copy of the document provided by the translator is not certified.

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