Notarial translation

Often, in addition to a quality translation, the client may need an official confirmation of its correctness that is why in our agency all orders carried out by our translators can be notarized. According to the Law of Ukraine “On Notary” (Article 79), the document is considered notarized, when the notary verifies the correctness of the translation, and put his signature and seal on it and carries out a number of other mandatory actions. In Kyiv translation and certification of documents is often required in such cases:

  • obtaining visas at embassies of other countries;
  • submission of documents to government agencies, tax authorities and other authorities;
  • receiving an inheritance, if the inheritor is not a citizen of Ukraine.

We cooperate only with trusted notaries who will always help to assure quickly the necessary documents, so that the customer receives the order exactly on time.

Certified translation of documents has a number of features. First of all, the translated document is stitched together with the original, thereby making it impossible to use it separately. This procedure is required in case when the document is very important and any inaccuracy in the translation can lead to serious consequences. The notary is authorized to check the interpreter, the level of his education and specialty, to discuss issues that may impede the certification. Check out our interpreting section if you need fast and high-quality translation of your spoken language.

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Notarization is a legal confirmation of the translation correctness. However, we should not confuse this procedure with the verification of a text literacy, which is performed by the editors of our bureau. Notarial certified translation of documents, mainly confirms that it completely coincides with the original in meaning, and the translator himself is a certified specialist in this field. It also means that the translation can be perceived on an equal basis with the original in necessary situations.

If you need the translation and notarization of documents (Kyiv), then it is certainly much easier to order it at once, in one place. That is why you can apply for this service to our office, as we have been carrying out professional notarized translation of documents of various types for many years. You do not have to find a specialist by yourself, negotiate everything and worry about the result.

It is worth remembering that not all notaries can provide services for authenticating documents in a foreign language, as here it is necessary to know all the subtleties of this procedure. Often, in addition to the translation itself, it is necessary to translate and similarly certify the very fact of such procedure implementation, so that the receiving persons can get acquainted with it in the language that is accessible to them. That is why the notarized translation of documents (Kyiv) is better to order in a specialized translation agency. What other advantages does it give?

  • Saves you time and does not require personal control over all stages of the service;
  • Guarantee that the translator has the experience and the necessary knowledge for correctly performing the translation, which will be verified in the subsequent time;
  • The notary will have the opportunity to discuss work directly with the interpreter in case of disputable issues, since he has the right to refuse to certify the translation of the document if there are poorly read or crossed words, use of Latin alphabet or various inaccuracies;
  • Because of the fact that many documents have a certain pattern, harmonious work between the translation bureau and the notary allows to speed up the process of preparation and notarization of documents translation and make it as fast as possible.

The list of documents requiring notarization is quite big (in most cases it is identity documents, documents confirming ownership, status or availability of education). Our specialists perform translation and notarization of documents in Kyiv, as well as throughout Ukraine, and transfer the order in any way convenient for you.

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